Finding Katipunan
by on June 5, 2012

Photo by Jorel E. Lising

First, a little history: less than a decade ago, a magazine of the same name was run in the Ateneo, when a group of writers from The GUIDON—disagreeing with crucial decisions made by the Editorial Board—broke ties with the organization and formed their own independent publication.

Earlier, in 2001, The GUIDON had decided to expand its reach with the creation of an online lifestyle magazine, Alt+G, later renamed as g Magazine.

In 2012, The GUIDON’s online magazine takes a sharp turn from the geniality of the letter g.

Katipunan, as the long stretch of concrete we Ateneans are all too familiar with, bears witness to a multitude of stories—dramatic encounters, shady transactions and sordid car crashes. It is a place of blinding lights and blaring noise, as well as haunting darkness and harrowing silence.

A hundred and fourteen years after the Philippine Revolution, the name Katipunan continues to evoke a spirit of subversion and revolution. The avenue of the same name is a place of clashing cultures, and thus a place where stories unfold, inviting all of us to listen.

This new online publication is a home to that clash of culture: from the screen to the stage, from the written word to the consonance of sound, from pop culture to highbrow art, from the rumble of the thoroughfare to the warbling chatter of the Web.

Welcome to Katipunan Magazine—the word on the street, the sound of the underground.

Editor’s Note: This article originally claimed that Alt+G was formed a few years after the old Katipunan Magazine. This was an oversight that has now been corrected.

Updated June 5, 2012, 10:15 PM.

Updated June 6, 2012, 9:08PM.

  • shanicegarcia

    Hello Katipunan Magazine!

  • Apple

    Sounds amazing. I can’t wait :)

  • Rach

    Hi. Alt+G was created a few years before Katipunan magazine. Where did you get this info?

    • Guest

      LOL, does this mean they don’t know their own history?

    • Guest

      Yup, I’m an alumni and alt+g was around a few years before Katipunan. If I remember correctly, wasn’t alt+g the first online campus magazine in the country? Sad to throw away that history. Hopefully, there’s a point and it’s not just alt+g with a black background, a new logo and a recycled name.  

      Anyway, interesting effort. Best of luck!

      • Guest

        They seem to have disregarded the history of the original Katipunan magazine.  It seems the use of name and logo were not obtained with permission from the members of the KATIPUNAN magazine

  • Anna Bueno

    You’ll replace G with Katipunan? Mixed feelings (from a former ed), but I wish you the best of luck. Will be watching this space! 

  • Nikki

    Did you at least ask permission from the original founders of Katipunan Magazine?

  • Guest

    Let’s have some fun: